Sunday, September 25, 2011

No More Little Girls

Mommy!  Mommy!

My tooth came out!!

No more little girls in our house.  Just big, beautiful, toothless girls.

For the record, the glorious transformation from little girl to big girl took place last Sunday.  Lila was getting ready for a birthday party at Pump It Up -- one of our favorite jumping places.  She was quite concerned about her tooth, as she explained while taking her bath:
Lila: "Mommy. I'm not going to do any jumping at the party."
Me:  "Why not?!"
Lila:  "Because I don't want my tooth to fall out while I'm jumping.  Then I might lose it and the Tooth Fairy wont be able to come."
Me:  "Well just jump with your mouth closed."  (Seemed like an easy solution to me.)
Lila:  "Mommy!  When I jump I always yell 'WooHOO!'  You can't yell 'WooHOO' with your mouth closed."  (Duh.  I'm obviously the dumbest mommy on the planet.)
Fortunately, it was a non-issue.  The tooth came out moments later and Lila was able to jump and jump and jump at the party...and do a little big girl bragging too.