Friday, June 5, 2009

Why Mommy Loves OxyClean

A rare evening here in the Lone Star State -- low 70s in JUNE!! And we were fortunate to have an 'outdoor obligation'. Thanks to all the rainy weekends we had last month, we had a t-ball makeup game on what can only be one of the most fantastic weather evenings of the year. And yesterday was the last day of school, so no one had to get up and out first thing in the morning. Post-game al fresco dining was a no-brainer. So we headed over to El Norte with the Coppinger clan for dinner on the patio...and the SnoCone Bar (of course!)
Bellied up to the bar.

1st impressions...

...are positive.

The sugar rush brings out the 'beasts' in Chrisitopher & Michael!

Everyone goes home with a 'red tongue trophy'.

This is why Mommy loves OxyClean!


Mimi & Bubba said...

Loved the pictures - is this the first time they have had snow cones??? Sure hope Oxiclean works!

The Lenzers said...

oxiclean rocks!!! i buy it in the mamma-size box at costco