Thursday, May 5, 2011

Chocolate Bunnies, Easter Eggs and...Sleeping in the Closet?!

Well, I guess I’d better get this Easter post up – before I fall too far behind again. Like every holiday in our kids’ lives, Easter was more than just a one-day event. Especially for Delila. As a “little kid”, she still gets to celebrate holidays in school. Big kids like Jake, who attend Big Kid public schools don’t get to participate in such frivolities. You know, because that would be mucking up the division of church and state thing. So, while Delila was hunting for candy-filled eggs at Infinite Bounds, Jake was sitting in computer lab. Poor Jake.

The real festivities got started bright and early Saturday morning with the neighborhood egg hunt. Once again, favor fell upon the little kids – they got to go first. Lila & Katie were ready to go when the whistle blew!

So many great eggs!

The Big Kids did their best to be patient. But let’s face it. Waiting is boring!

By the time the whistle blew for them, the boys were ready to go!

When all was said and done, our hunters were satisfied with their loot.

That wasn’t the end of the day’s festivities for Lila. She got to attend her 2nd Infinite Bounds Gymnastics Team Easter Egg-stravaganza. This is really a site to see. The girls are encouraged to wear their stretchiest leotard. Last year, we didn’t heed this advice. Lila wore her prettiest leotard, not her stretchiest one. She ended up being quite uncomfortable. Why? Well…

…because the Team egg hunt consists of running around the gym finding eggs and stuffing them into your leotard! It’s a very funny thing to watch.

After all the eggs have been found, the girls sit in a big circle, unstuff themselves and survey their bounty. It’s tons of fun.

The next morning brought goodies from the “real” Easter Bunny.

Chocolate bunnies for breakfast?

Oh yeah!

And just who’s idea do you think that was?

Then it was out to the yard to search for more goodies.

The real Easter Bunny does a much better job of hiding eggs.

Although the ants didn’t seem to have any problem finding some of the candy-filled eggs. Poor Marshmallow Peep.

Fortunately, the ants didn’t find ALL of the eggs.

Jake made sure no eggs were forgotten.

He also made sure they each got the right eggs. I have to say, my kids are pretty savvy negotiators.

After our candy-induced comas wore off, we were joined for dinner by our good friends The Pittmans. Duke made his our first ever “Beer Butt Chicken”. It was delicious! Cenz brought over a honey baked ham – which is Delila’s new favorite food. Delila! The one who won’t eat half of the things she KNOWS she likes – let alone try something new. She took one look at the ham and declared, “I want to eat some of THAT stuff.” *sigh* Four years, and I still can’t figure that girl out!

After dinner our crazy kids decided to go swimming. They didn’t care that the water was only 65 degrees! They probably would have stayed out there all night if the thunder and lightning hadn’t chased everyone inside. A huge storm whipped through and the tornado sirens started to blare. Never a good thing at our house. Jake really hates the storms, and the sirens really throw him into a panic. So, we quickly emptied the closet under our stairs and at Jake’s urging, we all huddled inside until the sirens stopped screaming.

The Pittmans made a rapid departure during a break in the weather. Our kids didn’t recover so quickly. So, we made a comfy nest in the closet, read a few stories…

…and called it quits for the day.

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