Sunday, April 29, 2012

Something Old, Something New...~or~ Sprucing Up a Boring View

We recently replaced our fence with a bigger and better fence.  And while I like the new fence, the view out the window by my cooktop is a little... well... uninteresting.  Not that old view of the neighbor's laundry room was better, but it didn't feel quite as claustrophobic.  So, I've been looking for ways to spruce things up a little.

Also, since it's spring, I've been trying to clean out cabinets, closets and drawers.  I've always been a bit of a keeper, but since the kids have come just can't keep it all.  No matter how cute it is or how cute the kiddos were when they wore it.

Rainboots, for example.  The kiddos were oh so cute stomping around in the puddles with these things.  And what about my old yellow rainboots?  The ones I just had to have.  The ones Duke eventually gave in to and bought for me.  The ones that made me infamous in the old neighborhood.  How is a sentimentalist like me supposed to part with these things?  Tell me!

Well, some things just have to go...or do they?

Hmmm....  What if...

I can reuse them?  Look how cute!

Something old.  Something new.  Something reused.  A much better view.  (And of course the best part is I get to keep my old yellow boots!)

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Anonymous said...

Uncle Jerry say, "Looks like you really gave that ugly fence the boot!" Uncle Jerry has a way with words;p