Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jake Learns to Ride a Bike

Tuesday, May 5. Anyone who knows us probably assumed we were out celebrating Cinco de Mayo. But we were celebrating something just a little different. Jake on two wheels now!

About a week ago, Jake's buddies, Christopher & Michael showed up crusin' around w/out the training wheels, so he just HAD to have his off. We tried the one-wheel thing, which didn't work out as well as we thought it would. We ended up borrowing Christopher's 'little bike' -- since Jake's is just tall enough that he couldn't get his toes on the ground while on the seat. It did the trick. Within an hour, he was 2-wheelin' around all by himself. Later in the evening, he was jumping off ramps w/the big kids. Sorry, I don't have that terrifying footage to share with you. But here's his progression in the last 48 hours. I'm thrilled, because it looks like I don't have to haul Lila in the Chariot anymore!

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