Saturday, April 25, 2009

Go Lightning!!

Well, spring soccer is over. We'll be sitting out the summer session in order to play T-ball. Who wants to do all that crazy ball chasing in the hot Texas sun anyway. (Or should I say, what parents want to jump up and down screaming on the sidelines in that hot Texas sun?!)

But seriously. Our Lightning did a fantastic job this season. It's amazing to see how much the boys have grown and improved since their inaugural season last spring. And even more amazing to see how the parents have matured -- at least this, anyway.
My debut as a 'Soccer Mom' was NOT pretty. Last year I had to throw myself out of the game a couple of games. I would get that up on the sidelines. I wasn't cheering or screaming on the sidelines, I was screeching! Don't misunderstand. I'm not one of those 'competitive moms'. It's not that I was upset because my son wasn't getting enough play time, or because we were losing, or because the refs weren't being fair. No. That wasn't it at all. It was just that Jake wouldn't anyone. He'd tackle his teammates, do crazy stunts, roll all over the field...the whole experience was a disciplinary nightmare! I was so relieved when the spring season was over and we made the switch to T-ball -- and so were all the other parents who had been exposed to me that season.

But this season has been a different story. Same coach, most of the same kids, but a longer attention span and a bigger playing field made all the difference. The kiddos can actually follow instructions a 4/5 year old kind of way. They learned to play specific positions, they learned how to take more of a team approach to scoring goals. I don't remember exactly, but I think we only had one loss this season. Jake did a great job and is learning to be a better sport. I look forward to more sideline cheering when the weather cools down.

Oh yeah, and here's my 'end of season' confection:

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