Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stickers Save Birds!!

Oh we're just crazy about stickers! We love to get 'em, we love to stick 'em, we love to peel them off and leave the sticky residue behind. Oh yes! We LOVE stickers!

Are you sensing a little sarcasm? There just might be a little sarcasm here.

My kid's love affair with stickers is probably my fault. You see, I'm one of 'those' moms. I don't hit the drive through and indulge my kids in a crappy...I mean Happy Meal. I go to the snack free check out aisle at the grocery store. When we go to Target - which is like EVERY day - we don't meander through the toy section. I'm impervious to their pleas, their sobs, their wails. That's right. I stick to my guns! I'm a ROCK. I will NOT indulge my children in this kind of spineless over-indulgence. I'm one MEAN mommy! (Actually, I just hate those little junky toys and I think candy is for grown ups. Let's face it, if you can't appreciate a fine chunk of dark chocolate, you're just not old enough to consume confections.)

I make an exception when it comes to stickers. We have sticker charts for good behavior. We get stickers for going to the gym. We get stickers for Valentines, Easter, and all the Hallmark holidays. Stickers are harmless, right? No empty calories, no sharp pieces to step on in your bare feet. They're just stickers. Happy, colorful, sticky stickers. OK, so I didn't particularly care for the NASCAR make over Jake gave my grand piano. And the view out of the windows in the backseat is a bit obstructed. I know, it's a bit of a trashy looking mess to have stickers stuck all over things. Whatever. A mom's gotta give a little, right? I can even make a case that they're good for the environment. Seriously. I don't think one bird has flown into our family room windows since stickers came into our lives. Stickers save birds!

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