Saturday, April 11, 2009

Garage Drinking

I could hear the phone ringing from the garage. It was my friend Karen. "What are you doing?", she asks. Uh...standing in the garage drinking beer with my husband while my kids are inside eating candy and geeking out to Dora the Explorer.
Dear Committee Chairwoman,
I, yet again, must respectfully withdraw my name for 'Mother of the Year'....
Ha! Like I was ever going to get an award for my parenting skills. Now, I could toot my own horn here and say things like:
- My children rarely watch TV -- and when they do, I make sure it's full of gratuitous sex & violence.)
- I strive for proper nutritional balance at every meal and serve as many whole foods as I can -- is it my fault this effort is sabotaged by the fact that Lila will consume nothing but Cheetos, Goldfish, and milk after 10:00 AM -- but it's organic milk.)
- Both my husband and I make make ever effort to be involved in our kids activities -- like sitting on the sofa, watching 'mature' (only show rated TV MA make the cut), and eating processed food out of plastic bags.

OK, like I said, I was never gonna get that award anyway. So, excuse me please, I've got to get back to my garage drinking.

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