Thursday, April 9, 2009

Egg Hunt

Today was the Easter Egg hunt at 'school'. When I picked Jake & Lila up, they both came flying out the door and tackled me in the lobby. Now to some of you, this may not seem unusual, but for me...well knock me over with a feather! You see, my kiddos LOVE their school. And why wouldn't they? It's primarily a gymnastics training academy that happens to have a day school operating out of it. It's not one of these high-pressure academic places. Oh no! This is a place with trampolines, balance beams, uneven bars, and a very springy floor. Oh yeah! And let's not forget The Pit. The Pit is at the end of a long trampoline run. It's a huge hole in the floor filled with foam block that you can leap, somersault, vault, or just plain free-fall into. This place is all about the fun. It's just about the closest you can get to heaven for a preschooler (and for a few adults I know as well). This place is so much fun when I show up for pick-up, my kids usually start throwing tantrums because they don't want to leave. Well, today it was all that AND a basket of candy-filled eggs! I was expecting the worst. Instead, I was bowled over!

I was just vain enough to think it was all for the love of me. Of was so they could get permission to dive into the candy-filled eggs. Silly Mommy!

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