Sunday, June 6, 2010

First Graduation Day

Well, the month of May really got away from me.  It was a busy month filled with exciting events - not the least of which was Jake's graduation from Infinite Bounds.  It's official, he's no longer a preschooler...and I've got the pictures to prove it!

Jake & his buddies, Finn & Brody, enjoyed hamming it up in their caps.

Commencement was held at Legacy Church in Plano, and it was quite a production - complete with singing & a bit of dancing.  OK, so there wasn't really any dancing, but there was plenty of wiggling around.  Jake sang the most enthusiastically...or maybe he just sang the loudest.

Every kiddo got an opportunity to grab the mic & tell the audience what he/she plans to do when they grow up.  Big surprise...Jake's going to be a professional football player.

We took on a special graduation project in the days leading up to the grand event.  I'd heard through the grapevine that Jake's teacher, Ms. Josie could use a little extra cash.  She's a single mom and makes next to nothing work at Infinite Bounds.  So, I sent an email out to all the parents asking if we could put a monitary gift together in lieu of individual teacher gifts.  I thought it would be fun to change the contributions into $1 bills and then have the kids assemble the dollars into a money chain. 

The response was amazing to say the least. Without having to send out a single follow up email, or beg for contributions in any way, we managed to pull together $600...which made for an incredibly long money chain. I didn't get the exact length, but it was well over 60 feet long!  Had I known everyone was going to be so generous, I would have used $10s.  As you can see...the present was a big hit - with Ms. Josie & the kiddos.   Ms. Josie's son, 'Mr. Brett' volunteered to disassemble the chain...for a 10% fee.

After the gift was presented, there was only one more bit of ceremony to be performed.  As everyone knows, no graduation ceremony is complete without a cap toss, so outside we went.  The kids had so much fun with it, we had to do it a few times.  Fortunately, no eyes were poked out by the corners on their pointy hats.

We rounded out the evening in style with some al fresco dining at our new favorite burger joint - The Village Burger.  We totally disregarded the disgusted scowls of the other outdoor diners.  If they weren't able to appreciate the pure joy & revelry of such a momentous occasion, well, then they could just leave...which they did.  And we didn't care, because only get one First Graduation.


Mary K said...

Just absolutely adorable! I so wish we had this at our preschool (they have it for Kindergarten, but not for preschool.)

And good for you for letting them have fun!

Mimi&Bubba said...

What a FUN day! Thanks for the great pictures. And what a thoughtful gift for Ms Josi. We're proud of you all.

Mimi & Bubba

The Lenzers said...

wow!!! a kindergardner!!!! my your old!HA and what a great idea with the money chain.