Thursday, June 24, 2010

Night Swimming

I remember summer nights when I was a kid with an 8:00 bedtime.  They sucked!  Going to bed when the sun's still up was just no fun.  And here in Texas the days are even longer than my growing-up days in Maryland.  During the peak of summer, you can still see the sun's glow on the horizon at 10:00 PM.  It's tough to be a little kid under these summer conditions. 

Well, last Friday night we made an exception to the bedtime rule.  We didn't have any early soccer or baseball games, and Uncle Tom was in town - sounds like an exceptional Friday evening if there ever was one.  So we took full advantage and did a little night swimming.  And while these photos aren't going to win any prizes, I love them and think they sum up the evening quite nicely.

A night time battle ensued.

Duke was prepared to shield himself from the onslaut.

But with Tom on Jake's side, he was outnumbered...

...and outwitted.  Oh no!  A sneak attack!

Late night summer fun.  We went to bed tired and slept like babies...until Tom had to leave at 6:30 AM the next morning.  Hey, there are plenty of days to catch up on our sleep, right?

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The Lenzers said...

at our house it seems that no matter what time you go to sleep, you wake up at the same time...early!!! looks like fun, makes me SO want a pool