Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Jake Games - or - What Were We Thinking?!

Just a quick post today.  We're in it up to our eyeballs over here at the Bond house.  Jake's birthday is this week and things have gotten...well...let's just say we have a lot to do.

We decided to do something we haven't done since Jake's 1st birthday -- we decided to throw a home party.  Jake wanted a pottery painting party.  You know what I'm talking about?  You go to a studio, paint clay bisque and they glaze & fire it for you.  About a week later, you return to the store to pick up the pot/plate/coffee cup/sad-eyed figurine you thought was going to be so cute and walk out with a hideous piece of OMG-what-was-I-thinking that will take up space you do not have in the back of some cupboard.  Yep, that's what Jake wanted to do for his birthday party this year.  Well, I wasn't totally convinced that this was enough fun for a group of 6 year old boys.  So, I found a pottery place that will let you do the painting at home.  GREAT!!  We can have a home party!  We can throw some raucous fun and games into the mix.  We don't have to worry about breaking anything in the shop.  PERFECT!!

We decided to host the party on a Friday night in lieu of the typical Saturday party.  It's fall sports season and let's face it, nobody needs to squeeze in a birthday party between soccer games.  At least we don't.  So we picked Friday.  Jake made the guest list.  He wanted 20 kids at his party. Sounded like a LOT of kids to me.  But it's a home party, so whatever, right?  It is kind of a weird time for Jake, friend-wise and we were having a tough time drawing a line.  He's got his Infinite Bounds friends, he's got his soccer friends, his baseball friends, his neighborhood friends, and his new Kindergarten friends.  So, we let Jake invite whomever he wanted.  Really, it's a home party, whatever.  The more the merrier...right?

We ended up with 23 on the guest list, which sounded  reasonable - on the big side, but not insane.  Well, then I accidentally invited a few more (long story).  Then invitees decided that the siblings would like to come too.  Actually, I'd already assumed/invited some siblings to join the fun.  However, I also assumed that there would be some kids who couldn't make it.  Well, I assumed incorrectly on that one.  There are still a few outstanding invitations, but the current number of confirmed guests stands at 31.  We've nixed the pottery painting idea because I only bought supplies for 25 kids.  (Hmmm...just what am I going to do with all this unpainted pottery?!)  Instead, we're hosting The Jake Games.  Our guests will be participating in a series of sporting contests in the front yard & driveway.  It's going to be crazy, but it's going to be fun. 

Oh!  And as if planning a party for +30 kids wasn't enough of a challenge already, we decided that Jake's room needed an updated look.  So, on top of working out the logistics of The Jake Games, we're also installing bookshelves, painting & primping Jake's big boy bedroom.  Oh yeah!  It's madness around here!  What were we thinking?!?!

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The Lenzers said...

If anyone call pull it off it's you!! 30+ kids, WOWZA!! I can't wait to see pictures and of the new big kid room too!! I am working on Christian's 1st and Colton's 3rd (he is having a blow out since he has never had a party) might actaully come to Infinite Bounds to do it...if we don't have enough friends here yet.