Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Great Day with MaMa

We always love having company, but especially when it's MaMa!  She came in for a visit last weekend, which meant lots of fun and lots of spoiling.

MaMa arrived Friday afternoon.  We took it easy for the first half of the weekend.  Playgroups and sports practice kind of took presidence over everything.  But Sunday...well that was our FUNday.  After a breakfast of Sunday Waffle Sundaes, we headed off to the American Airlines Center.  MaMa was treating us to the Disney on Ice presentation of Toy Story 3.  It was freezing inside and our view was obstructed, so I'm not sure the grownups had a great time, but the kids didn't seem to care.  They had a blast.  

After the show, we were happy to be outside in the warm sun.  We were starving (because mean old mommy wouldn't spring for the $10 cotton candy and the $8 snow cones), so we headed over to the Knox Henderson area for some al fresco dining.  After lunch, we crossed the highway for some ice cream and a trip to our favorite shopping destination:  Froggies!

Froggies is funTAStic!  It's a toy store, a kids' bookstore & a novelty store all in one.  Don't bother going in there unless you've got a couple of hours to kill.  MaMa wanted to treat the kids to a little something special, so this was just the place we needed to be.  Lila's first pick was a fabulous pair of princess sunglasses, but she changed her mind when she found...

...the Barbie Movie Theater Book!!!  "O! M! G!  Can I have it?!  Please oh please oh PLEASE!?!?!"  Leave it to MaMa to say yes!  And while I have a serious aversion to Barbie, I must admit this is a pretty cool little set up.  Slip a disk into the little projector, head for a dark room (like a closet or our powder bath), hit the switch and you've got yourself a slide show.  I'm pretty impressed with the quality of the projector.  It's got a focus feature, and the images are quite sharp.  I'm not sure how impressed MaMa is with the cold comfort of the tile on our powder room floor, but she was a real trouper about it.

Jake chose a glow-in-the-dark Nano Hex Bug & Track set.  He just loves these little guys and was so excited when he saw there was one that glowed in the dark.  Guess what that meant for MaMa?  Yep, more time sitting in the dark on the floor of our powder room.  Poor MaMa!  

 If it's any consolation, both kids have played with their gifts everyday since.  Lila's taken her book to school to share the magic with her friends, and Jake can't wait to get home to play with his tracks & bugs.  I especially appreciate Jake's little glow in the dark bug.  It's one of the only toys in the house that I don't run the risk of stepping on in the middle of the night.  It glows so brightly, it can practically light up an entire room!

But the pièce de résistance of MaMa's visit was the return of Nay-Nay.  You may recognize Nay-Nay - the pink & white, sawdust-stuffed unicorn Lila won on the Boardwalk in Ocean City last summer.  She stayed behind in Maryland because there was no room in our luggage to bring her home to keep MaMa company.  Well, there's nothing as joyful as a girl and her unicorn reunited.  Thanks, MaMa.  And thanks for coming to spoil us! 

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love grandparent visits!!