Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Time Flies When You're Making Cupcakes

It's Tuesday.  One of our busy days.  Lila's school lets out at 2:00.  Jake's school lets out at 3:00.  Lila's gymnastics practice starts at 4:00.  Jake's soccer practice starts at 6:00.  That's a lot of running around.  It's also fairly typical around these parts.  So, to make things a little easier, one of the other Team Moms and I switch off watching each other's kiddo on Tuesday afternoons.  This week was our Tuesday with Taylor.  To celebrate the lovely spring weather we're experiencing, we decided to make some springy pink flower cupcakes with purple icing...and sprinkles, of course!

After a mad dash to the grocery store to pick up a cake mix, we whipped up the cupcakes just in time to get them in oven to bake while I picked Jake up from school.  We super-cooled them in the fridge so we could decorate -- and eat them before it was time to leave for practice.  Delila & Taylor volunteered to test the sprinkles, you know, to make sure they were good.

It was unanimous -- the sprinkles passed the taste test.  But what about the cupcakes?  The batter was pink, after all.  They could be horrible!

Nope!  Pink flower cupcakes + purple frosting + sprinkles = yummy!!  By the way, Jake was not too pleased about this pink flower cupcake thing.  Not pleased at all.

Duke did his best to assure him that eating a pink flower cupcake with purple frosting would not turn him into a girl.

Sufficiently convinced, Jake decided to take the chance.  Guess what!  He's still a boy!  Can you believe it?!   (But being the devoted mother that I am, I did make him a couple of regular old round cupcakes with blue batter.  Never let it be said that I don't run a fair household.)

Well time really flies when you're making cupcakes, and that was just about all the spare time we had on our Tuesday.  Hope yours wasn't as busy, but was just as yummy!


Queen Scarlett said...

I need to find some molds in a flower shape. I bet they taste better when they're flowers.

Thought you might like to join in on a Friday carnival here. Hope to see you! Cheers!

Danyelle said...

Looks like your Tuesday was fun and yummy!

The Lenzers said...

always good to have a someone for the "poison test" on food