Friday, July 15, 2011

A Adventure ~or~ Watching Grass Grow

Yikes!  I'm so behind on my posting.  This summer is just racing by.  We've been lazy and crazy all at the same time.  I guess it's pretty much the same as last summer.  Actually, there are a few carry-overs from last summer:  swimming lessons, 'summer camp' at Infinite Bounds, dates with friends, and of course, our summer adventures.  Last summer, the kids and I tried to squeeze in an adventure every week.  We're keeping up with the tradition this year.  We've had some fantastic adventures so far -- some more adventurous than others, but always fun.

It's been horribly hot so far this summer -- hovering around the 103 degree mark most afternoons.  The mornings, however are pretty tolerable so we try to get up and out early.  We were a little pressed for time last week, so we kept our adventure close to home.  

One of my goals this summer was to get Delila more comfortable on her bike.  She's been begging to ride by herself to the playground, but I've had no confidence that she could do this on her own.  There's a pretty big hill (for these parts) that she'd have to negotiate before reaching the slides and swings.  Now, it's not that Lila doesn't have the strength.  Oh no!  She's got some strong legs.  I know this because when she's on the Afterburner behind me, she literally pushes me up the hills.  But for some reason, when Lila rides her precious little purple Tony Hawk bike around the neighborhood, she refuses to peddle up even the slightest of slopes.  Making the 1/2 mile trek to the playground...up and down a significant hill...well, I've not been willing to go there.  I made an exception last Monday.  And guess what!

She made it!!  All on her own!

But there was no time to bask in the glory of Lila's maiden voyage.  We had work to do.  We had to collect some pebbles.  Two bags of pebbles to be exact.  Jake was a bit concerned that we were stealing, but I assured him they would eventually be returned to their home under the twisty slide.  We were only going to need them for a little while.  With that moral dilemma cleared up, he and his sister got to shoveling.

After we'd procured all the pebbles we needed, we loaded them up into my backpack and took turns rehydrating from the camelback hydration system -- also located in my backpack. Sipping from the Camelbak is most definitely one of the highlights of every adventure.  However, riding a bike under a blazing sun with 5 lbs. of water and 20 lbs. of rocks on my back...well, let's just say that was not a highlight of this particular adventure.  At least it wasn't for me.  I was happy to get those pebbles off my back when I got home.

Once off my back, the pebbles were loaded into two shallow containers.

Then we made some mud.  OK, Jake made some mud.

And had a little dirty fun in the process.

Then we loaded letter-shaped cookie cutters with the mud and some grass seed and sunk them into the pebbles.  Voila!  Our name gardens were complete.  Well, almost.  Now we just had to wait for them to sprout.

And boy-oh-boy did they ever sprout!  I always thought that expression about "watching the grass" grow implied that it was a rather slow and boring process.  Not in our experience.  Seriously, this stuff grew about 1 1/5" a day!

It wasn't long before a trim was in order.

That's a little better.


The Lenzers said...

super cute idea! and seriously what the hell is up with all this heat? if i wanted to live in arizona i would have moved there. cant believe the grass grew because our actual grass is too dry to grow

Mimi & BUbba said...

Sounds like a great way to get lots of exercise, have fun playing in the dirt, and then relaxing to watch the grass grow (I always thought that was just an excuse to do nothing - but you found an excuse)! Mimi & Bubba