Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jackass: (Not) The Movie ~or~ The Boy Life

OK, first of all, for those of you unfamiliar with Jackass, relax.  I'm not referring to either one of my boys in the title of this post.  Well, not really.  OK, maybe a little.  But anyway, for a quick primer on "Jackass:  The Movie", please visit this link ~> Jackass: The Move (Official Trailer).

Alrighty-then.  Assuming you are now up to speed on Jackass (and thanking your lucky stars that don't call any of those fellows "son"), read on.

We like to live as "green" as we can in our house, and I have gone to great lengths (and amassed quite a bit of junk) trying to impress upon my children that everything we use has at least two useful purposes.  Reduce.  Reuse.  Recycle.  That's our mantra.  Lila, in particular, has latched on to this principal quite vehemently.  So the other night when Duke tried to toss this empty juice bottle into the recycle bin, it was no surprise to hear her say, "Reuse, Daddy!!  Reuse, reduce, recycle!!!" (Yeah, she gets the order mixed up some times.)  Here's the conversation that followed:

Daddy:  It's empty, Lila.  What do you want me to do with it?
Jake:  I know, Daddy!  We could fill it with farts and drop a match in it.  Then it would explode!!
Me:  *blink* *blink*
Daddy:  Hahahahahahaha!!
Me:  (trying very hard to suppress laughter cuts disapproving mother-eyes and laughing father)
Jake:  No!  Seriously!!  I'm not kidding!!!   It'll explode!!!!
Me:  Uh, Jake?  Who told you that?
Jake:  Daddy did!!
Me:  Uh...Daddy?
Daddy:  No I didn't!!
Jake:  Yes you did!
Daddy:  *blink* *blink*

And there you have it.  Life with boys!

Oh, and no, we did not repurpose the bottle as a fart bomb.

Lila turned it into an annoying percussion instrument by filling it with bouncy balls.  Maybe we'll try Jake's idea next time.


AlyGatr said...

What fun are YOU? Personally I'd love to see them attempt to both successfully trap the gas IN the bottle, then keep it there long enough to blow it up. Just sayin. Who better than a Dad to plant that gem of an idea.

IronSnake said...

I'm so going to do this fart bomb with Derek