Sunday, June 19, 2011

Delila's First Dance Recital ~or~ The Thanks I Get

Ballet.  *sigh*  Just the mention of the word sends ripples of anticipation up and down the spines of most Girl-Moms.  The shoes!  The tights!  The layers upon layers of tulle!  Not this Girl-Mom.  When Delila started expressing interest in dance...well...those ripples of anticipation felt more like waves, no tsunamis of nausea.  But it's all about the kids, right?  Not about me.  So, when Delila wanted to sign up for ballet, Delila got signed up for ballet.

She took it very seriously, and practiced her positions with diligence. 

But ballet isn't just about a little girl perfecting her passe.  Oh no!  There's a lot of practice involved for Mommy too.  None of which is all that fun.

Like applying stage makeup to a squirming 4-year-old.  Oh yeah, let's talk about how much fun that was.  I think I'd rather apply mascara to a cat!  (OK, so my first attempt was a little heavy-handed.)

And then there were hours spent scouring YouTube for ballet hair style tutorials.  (Yes, there are plenty of them out there.  Wow!  You can really kill some time doing that kind of research.)

Back in April I thought all this stuff was the hard part.  But then came picture day and preparation for the recital - when the tutu had to be pressed and fluffed just so.  ("Hang your tutu upside down for maximum puffiness" -- per the directions that came with it.)  All of this translates into a lot of work for the Girl-Mom.

And then...then there was the dress rehearsal and the recital itself.  Delila was beside herself with excitement about her big day on the The Big Stage!  Fortunately, she didn't have a baseball game on that Saturday, so the entire day could be wasted dedicated to hair, makeup, dressing, etc.  Oh, and did I mention that recital day is supposed to be some kind of momentous occasion?  To be celebrated with flowers and gifts?!  Well, you know what that meant...more running around for the Girl-Mom...which I dutifully did.

I bought flowers to match her costume.  I tied them into separate bundles -- one from Bubba, one from Mimi, one from Mommy & Daddy...

a very special one, hand picked from the garden by Big Brother Jake.

I included feathers and chiffon she'd have lasting souvenirs of her big day on the big stage.

I wrapped each bouquet with organza and satin ribbon that I planned to use to create a streamer so Lila could practice her ribbon dancing at home.

And then the moment arrived!

I have to admit, seeing all the little girls dressed up and ready to take the stage...well, it was pretty stinkin' cute.

I got Lila's hair and makeup just right.

Lila assumed her Prima Ballerina attitude...

...and she took the stage!

And then it was over.

And then it was really over.

SeriouslyOver!  Really?  This is the thanks I get?!?!?  All of that pressing and primping!  All of that running around and wrapping!  For this?!?

Well, it really hurt my feelings.  So I've decided to keep the flowers and feathers, the butterflies and ribbons, the tiara and the trophy for myself...for being a great Girl-Mom and doing a fantastic and under-appreciated job on Lila's first dance recital.  I might even make myself a streamer and do a little ribbon dancing of my own.  I'm definitely wearing the tiara.

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