Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wild Flower Power

All those May showers we got have yielded a bumper crop of wildflowers.  People who say Texas is ugly have never been here in the spring.  I'm sure there are other places in the country that have just as many wildflowers as we have, but I don't know...after the stark concret-blond that is winter in North Texas, well...I just think the wildflowers here are the best I've ever seen.  And this year they're better than usual. 

We had som pretty ferocious storms whip through our parts last Tuesday.  We were pretty much surrounded by tornadoes.  Fortunately, they skirted around to the north and south of us.  Of course, our sirens still went off, which meant the kids had yet another camp out in the coat closet.  And while that made for a short night and a grumpy start to Wedensday morning, we were rewarded for it all the minute we stepped outside.  The day was just gorgeous.  That big blue Texas sky hanging over head and all those pretty little flowers bending in the breeze...well it would have been criminal to spend it inside.  Jake, Delila and I rode our bikes up to school, but that just wasn't enough.  When we got back home, Lila and I decided to put on our gardening boots (things were still pretty muddy from the night before), and head out to have some fun in the flowers.

The bees had the same idea.  They particularly liked these pretty little purple ones, as did I.  Wish I could figure out what they are.  My attempts at identifying them have been unsuccessful.  It's making me a little crazy actually, so if you know what it is....

In the end, Delila decided they were all her favorites, so we cut the top off our water bottle and took a bunch home with us.  Please don't tell the wildflower police!

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The Lenzers said...

i know what it is but i won't tell, just kidding...i'm clueless! lila is getting so big and she is so stinking cute! I can't believe I did not get a redhead